Riviera Beach Hotel

Riviera Beach Hotel in Riviera, Bulgaria

Riviera Beach Hotel - hotel modern cu aer conditionat peste tot, deschis in luna Iunie 2002, toate camerele au balcoane cu privire la mare.

Localizare a Riviera Beach Hotel, Riviera

Situat inedit in mijlocul unui parc excelent pe plaja.

Camere ║i cazare in Riviera Beach Hotel

In June, 2002 was opened the first building, and the second one was opened in May, 2004. Riviera Beach Hotel has a total of 290 rooms, suites and maisonettes ´┐Ż each with a balcony and with a sea view. The rooms are cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Vacan■e ║i distrac■ii in Riviera Beach Hotel


Tennis court

The most modern up-to-date tennis courts in Eastern Europe
The most modern up-to-date tennis courts are in Riviera Holiday club. The three courts have special surface manufactured by top technology of the renowned Italian company Limonta. The surface is similar to that of Roland Garros courts, licensed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and has all clay-court advantages while avoiding its major drawbacks.

The courts do not freeze even in the coldest winter days, thus they can be used all year round. If the courts are covered they do not produce the unpleasant ´┐Żhothouse effect´┐Ż which is rather common with the conventional clay courts. The surface does not soil players´┐Ż shoes and outfit and the wind does not pick up the clay. The courts are provided with special drainage and are perfectly ready to welcome their players in as short as 30 minutes after any downpour. Since the surface is perfectly smooth the ball has a perfect bounce like in laboratory conditions and provides utmost comfort for both professional players and amateurs.
The courts have been built very professionally and even a manufacturer´┐Żs representative has acknowledged that Riviera´┐Żs courts are better than those of the Swiss capital Bern.
To beat the Swiss by quality and precision is a fact, which is worth seeing and´┐Ż trying!
Welcome to Riviera and play on the best tennis courts of Eastern Europe! Experience the full pleasure of a perfect tennis game environment.
For reservations call: 052/ 386 756
Open: every day from 08.00 to 20.00 h

Swimming pool

Riviera Beach hotel has one indoor ad 2 outdoor swimming pools with mineral water.


Table tennis

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